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Services and Prices

Homestead Pets is available for pet sitting duties 7 days a week including Holidays. Pet sits are scheduled between the hours of 6am-9pm. Dog Walks are available mid-days Monday - Friday. New Clients must schedule a one time consultation at least 48 hours before services will be be provided.

Daily Pet Care Visits:

Regular Dog Walks and Doggie Break visits are available for scheduling Mon-Fri on days you are IN TOWN. Visit times are approximate.

Quick Stop Pet Sitter Visit (5 min) $10 per visit

Key pick-up or drop-off.

Doggie Break Pet Care Visit (20 min) $17 per visit

Best used to let the dog out for a potty break and a playful romp in the yard. Water bowl will be refreshed each visit.

Dog Walking (20 min) $17 per visit

Entirely dog-walking or a mix of dog walk and yard play. Refresh dog water bowl.
See Dog Walking.

Vacation Pet Sit Visits & Services:

The following list of services are visits to be scheduled when you are OUT OF TOWN. The number of visits needed per day will depend on your pet.

Vacation Pet Sit (30 min) $19 per visit

Offering loving care, guidance, protection and playful companionship for your pets in your absence. Vacation duties including crime deterrent measures, dog walks, feedings and basic maintenance of pet areas in home.
* Popular choice for all out of towners for a week or a weekend.
See Pet Sitting .

Extended Vacation Pet Sit (45 min) $23 per visit

Basic vacation visit, with a little more time for lovin' attention to pets, longer dog walks, or just more time for home duties.

Hourly Vacation Pet Sit (60 min) $27 per visit

Best used as a vacation visit for multi-pet homes. Also Great for pets who like more attention, longer walks or playing in the yard.

Special Services:

Customize your visits using a special service

Just a House Sit ($15 for 15 min + Add Time 15 min /$4)

This visit covers all the crime deterrence of a vacation pet sit visit, but is designed for those without pets. Service includes the extras, like watering the plants. See Pet Sitting /Benefits for your home.

Pet Taxi ($19 for 30 min + Add Time 15 min /$4) *fees to nearest increment*

Service to your pet's grooming or vet appointment. Can be a drop off, a pick up, or stay for the duration of the appointment.
See Pet Taxi.

Homestead Pick-up ($20)

Can't find time to restock the cupboard for your pets? Forgot the kitty litter? Call Homestead Pets. Can also use this as an add-on to a vacation sit to get a people product so you don't have to run to the store the moment you arrive home. -This is also the service that would fetch needed items during a vacation pet sit if a supply runs out.-

Add Time 15 min ($4)

Add time as needed for the dog who likes longer walks, use extra time for walking a second dog, or request brushing or attention to another pet.

Homestead Pets is a Licensed and Insured Pet Sitting Company in Las Vegas since 2007.

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