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Terms of Service

Office and Service Hours

Homestead Pets will do pet visits and dog walks 7 days a week. Services hours are from approximately 6:00am - 9:00pm. Office hours to schedule services are Monday - Friday 9:00am-6:00pm. Voice and e-mail will be responded to daily.


An additional $3 per visit service charge will be added on the following Holidays:


Homestead Pets accepts Cash, Check, Money Order or pay online using Google Checkout . Payment in full is due before each service period begins.

Daily services, such as dog walks may be paid weekly or monthly in advance.

Basically How it Works

Schedule a Consultation! The consultation is usually a relaxed, but productive visit to allow pet sitter, pet owner and pets quality time to get acquainted. The meeting usually lasts about an hour and should be scheduled at least a week before the first service dates begin. Homestead Pets is interested in your unique pet(s) and will ask you (the pet owner) to walk through your pets daily routines and pet areas. Notes of feeding schedules, health, and personality traits will be taken. Important terms and aspects of the services your Homestead Pets pet sitter will provide will also be discussed. Once you feel comfortable and all questions have been answered to your satisfaction with paperwork such as Contact and Pet Information for each pet, a Veterinary Release form and general Home information filled out, Homestead Pets pet sitting and dog walking services will be available to your pet family. A key and full payment for the first scheduled dates are collected before service begins. Last, Homestead Pets will collect a signed and completed Service Request form before the start of each service period and can be collected at the consultation. Within 48hrs of your scheduled out of town visits, you will receive a phone call reminding you of the upcoming dates. Pet sitting service ends after you come home and call Homestead Pets to notify of your Safe Arrival and Happy Reunion with your pets.


For Daily Visits, there is no cancellation fee. Your account will be credited for future service.

For Vacation Pet Sits and Services cancellation fees apply:

Vacation Pet Sit clients: Please Call as soon as you arrive safely home. Without notice of your arrival, Homestead Pets will continue care for your pets.

Service Area

Rates are determined by time and distance from our location which is located near hwy 95's Craig and Cheyenne exits. Using MapQuest. if you are within a 15 minutes (approx 8 miles) driving range of Homestead Pets location there will be no additional mileage fee. Each additional mile will carry a charge of $1.

Pet Taxi rates are figured for drives within 10 minutes (approx 5 miles) from your residence. There is a $1 per mile add-on fee if the distance is further. Rate times are calculated using MapQuest.


2 working keys will be collected at the consultation if service is scheduled. After the service period, the keys may be returned to the homeowner in person using the Quick Stop key drop-off rate.
Homestead Pets will keep your extra keys securely filed, locked, coded and separate from your identifying information for no extra charge. This will also make future pet sitting services easier to schedule without extra hassle or cost. Ask about becoming a 'Key Customer'.

Homestead Pets is a Licensed and Insured Pet Sitting Company in Las Vegas since 2007.

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